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forum shoud be deleted or no?
yes, delete it no one active
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no, don't delete we will call more people
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let someone make continue it if you don,t want
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PostSubject: abreviations   abreviations Icon_minitimeWed Sep 03, 2008 1:17 pm

RIB: Red Iron Blade, level 30 2-handed weapon.

BLD: Black Leaf Dirk, level 30 Dagger Weapon

FMS: Full-Moon Sword, level 30 One-Haned Sword

HMS: Half Moon Sword, lvl 60 weapon

sin/ssins: Assasin (Character Class)

OMG Oh my god

noob: Term used to refer to low level people or new people.

FTW: For the win, used to cheer something, example: Warriors FTW!

WTH: What the hell/heck, used to express surprise

lol: Lot of Laugh

ROFL: Roll On Floor Lauging

SS:Spirit Stones

S>, WTS: Selling and "Want To Sell"

B>, WTB: Buying and "Want To Buy"

PC: Price check

BO: Black Orc Party

Sb/sbs: Skillbook

GW: Guild War, wars between guilds.

AC: Armor Class, also known as defense.

CON: Constitution, the first character status.

DEX: Dexterity, the fourth character status.

INT: Intelligence, the second character status.

STR: Strenght, the third character status.

AP: Attack Power, used to check how much damage a character can do.

ASAP: As Soon As Possible

PVP – Player versus player

PVE – Player versus enemy NPC.

PVM – Player versus monster or mob. Same as “PVE”

BRS – Black round shield

HTB – Heaven’s tear bracelet

HTN – Heaven’s tear necklace.

DT – Demon tower.

Chords or Coords – Coordinates. Your location. Find these by moving your mouse over the dot (that is you) on the minimap. It’s a three by three digit number. Example, 324,543.

Mob – NPC monster.

The Dragon, or The Dragon God – Ruler of the three kingdoms. Not to be confused with the giant NPC dragon that will kill you in one hit.

PWN and PWNAGE – Pawned, meaning, destroyed when the opponent did not have any chance.
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