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let someone make continue it if you don,t want
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 Path to P Skills

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PostSubject: Path to P Skills   Path to P Skills Icon_minitimeWed Sep 03, 2008 1:22 pm

Path to P Skills
Ok guys,since there are many questions about how to get P skills , i will share with u the information i had been grabbing from game:
All of us know the skills way : LVL# -> M# -> G# -> P skill
All of us know that from lvl 17 - 20 skill points can switch to M1 skill ...after this u need to read skill books (You will be needing 55 successfull books to achieve G skill), when u are at M10 , u need to read 10 books to go G1 , after this u can read SOUL STONES to get G skills higher...from G1 to G2 , u ll need to sacrifice Hostile Killer Points (HKPS for short), from G1 to G2 u sacrifice like 1000 HKPS , and each # u upgrade , u ll be sacrificing +500HKPS (ex: G2 -> G3 1500 HKPS...G3->G4 2000 HKPS and so on)...from G10 u can go to P skill sacrificing 5500 HKPS.
That's it ,u got P skill...not that easy of course.
If u fail to read a soul stone , you will be sacrificing HALF required HKPS ...no hermits advice works here , its all about luck.
For regaining your hkps u can do it in few ways :
1) Killing mobs around your level
2) Killing felons and criminals around your level - or players from other kingdoms around your level
3) Using Zen beans.
4) Being away from keyboard at a non secure zone (SECURE ZONE:wherever u can not hit another ppl like at center of town)
-U can use items like KINGS SYMBOL OR SAGES KING GLOVE to increase the amount of HKPS given by monsters
-For being away from keuboard , search a secret place where nobody goes and let ur char stay there while u are asleep.

BEWARE: If u go on negative HKPS , u turn urself into villain , making possible that u can drop ur items if attacked and slayed by other ppl.

Hope this guide helps.
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Path to P Skills
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