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forum shoud be deleted or no?
yes, delete it no one active
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no, don't delete we will call more people
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let someone make continue it if you don,t want
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 money maker(very interesting)

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PostSubject: money maker(very interesting)   money maker(very interesting) Icon_minitimeWed Sep 03, 2008 1:23 pm

Hey all since every1 keep asking me in PMs dude how can i make fast money,exp,without using lot of pots.
Well ts hard to do it but you can do fast money,then buy a good gear,then it will helps you level up fast:

1)Your a newcommer who wanna become rich,i suggest to go near Grizzly bear,black bear and all theese kinda bears and kill them,it gets nice exp for low levels and it gives you plates and Bear Gall+ and no +,The plate may have HP like the one i got when i did a new char

2)Now this step is the one that people will use the most,listen.the worst step for doing money is between 35-45.Why?cause to train fast at theese lvl you need to fight at BO,BO will give you orc theet and you ll waste a lot of pots,and you guys should keep theese thoot for Lin quest who is very helpful.To make fast money i suggest that you make a new char(Preference:WarriorArahan)Do to him a 2:1 str con build then get him till lvl 30(cmon guys dont be lazy)then get 100k and a horse medal and get a horse.Then money wil pop-up xD Ride your horse and hunt all metins you see in map2(jealousy takes time but you can do it)and btw get this char a good Cane sword,Silver sword,broad sword cause FMS would be a waste.Then each week-end open a shop with this farmer i usally make 2kk a week even more depes on what i sell.

3)This is normally for 45-50+ but few 40 may do it(depends on gear)and this thing is Demon Tower First Floor.i think you ll get maybe 0.01% per demon killed wich is good for the amount you lure and the usally die fast.But this Demon are some little rich they drop big money and lvl 60 items that you can sell at TradeGoodVendor.I know it makes money just dont be lazy

4)This is for people around 50+ who dont have permits and who cant kill at V2,and every1 will say Valcon Floor1,you ll maybe say,nah this thing dont give money,then your wrong,this place is kinda nice exp and it gives your wep lvl50-60 and lvl 48 plate wich can make lot of money(and Blue Scale Plates are the best at this place)

5)Here us the money maker spot,your lvl 55-60,proud of yourself and all the steps you did,well get Valcon Permits and enter the moneymaker spot the Valcon Floor 2.I suggest to fight at first room cause its easier at lower level and you get ALOT of stuffs to sell but when you become stronger9luring around 3-4 mobs and more)got to big spiders cause if u lure a lot you get many many drops and HUGE exp.

*Theese folowing suggestion are when creating a new char for farming*
-Get lvl 15-23 go to GreenVillage and kill Cursed Bear,black brown grzily one,all.It gets you many FMS,RIB who can be sold for a ncie amount of money
-do a lvfl 20 with m1 might and put i point into slash and go hutn Horse Medal at Sujin Deungeon(around 250k per HorseMedal may help you do money)
-This is an idea that few people do its to get a lvl 25-30 and go to nula near BO by Dendera Side theres a spot where around 3 bestial specialist spwan on the iland,well you keep chaging chnls and killing them
-Soloing lvl 85-90 metins give you nice drop and you can sell them to your Kingdom cause theese stuufs are needed,this is for rly high lvl but you can call freind to help you
-Cheif Orc,Desert Tortoise,Vil-Esoteric Leader,Queen Spider,Nine Tails will give you boxes,materiels for guild house and all and drop like thief gloves pots(green ones too)and with luck can make fast money with theese.Polymorph Marble would help a lot to kill them and maybe team up with freinds.
-Another Idea is to make a lvl 35 and kill many,many Esoteric Tourmentors to get Cutrse Book and sell thyem 250k+ each.
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money maker(very interesting)
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